• Populist parties’ competition in federal settings. The case of the AfD (with M. Scantamburlo).
  • Partisan bias and pubic opinion support to Covid-19 measurements. Experimental evidence from Spain (with M. Scantamburlo).
  • Regional benchmarking and polarization. Evidence from Spanish regions (with. A. Garmendia).
  • External Threats, Coordination Failures and Centralizing Drifts:Comparative Public Opinion Evidence from the Covid-19 Pandemic (with A. Garmendia).
  • Decentralized authority and the dynamic fragmentation of regional party systems (with Leonce Roth and A. Kaiser).
  • Survey experiment in Spain on the impact of national identity upon responsibility attribution and vote (with Ll.Orriols).
  • Survival analysis to test whether the design of fiscal decentralisation accounts for cross-country variation in the duration in office of subnational leaders (with Pablo Beramendi and A. Garmendia).